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Thank you for  your willingness to take part in the study on the effects of the terrorist attack on October 7th on Jewish and Israeli communities in Germany. The research call refers to all people with Jewish identity and biography, regardless of citizenship, who have spent their everyday lives primarily in Germany since October 7, 2023. Therefore, your experiences and perspectives are a very important contribution to understanding and documenting the situation for Jewish and Israeli communities in Germany. 

On this Website you will find all the information about the study in German and English.

Here are some information and questions for you regarding the interview: 

  1. Interview and date: We would like to conduct a narrative interview with you in which we would ask you openly about your experiences after October 7th and you could bring in everything that is important to you. It would be nice if you set aside two hours for this, even though we might not need all that time. We would like to record the interview in strict compliance with the current data protection regulations and transcribe it anonymously. Please read carefully: Information sheet: Recording, collection and processing of interview data
  2. Digital or face-to-face: Do you want to conduct the interview digitally or face-to-face? If you would like a digital form, we would send you the link to a Zoom room. If you would like to conduct the interview in person, we could conduct the interview at the Competence Center in Berlin-Mitte (we will send you directions in this case) or at a location of your choice. 
  3. What happens after the interview? The results of the interview analyses will be published in a form in which no conclusions can be drawn about you as a person, your place of residence or your institutional affiliation. The results will be published by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency, the Competence Center and the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. We will also send you the published research report. 
  4. Optional: Reflection with other interviewees: Since the study touches on a stressful and highly emotional topic, we would like to offer you a digital exchange room with other interview participants moderated by a professional OFEK e.V. counseling center.

We look forward to your feedback. Maybe you also have questions?

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