Theatre Project „Mekomot“

Biographical theatre for Teenagers and jung adults with Jewish biographies

Current sociopolitical developments and the increased visibility of anti-Semitic attacks require secure empowerment spaces in which one's own experiences of exclusion can be gently reflected and transformed in a scenic manner. Unprocessed exclusion experiences can not only be identity-shaking, but can also have an effect on depriving autonomy for individuals and groups.

In the context of MEKOMOT (Hebrew for "places") we approach our biographies from the point of view of their connections to subjectively important everyday places and formative biographical events. The theater-pedagogic space serves as a place for individual self-experience within a collective horizon of experience.

The project is aimed at adolescents and young adults. As an empowerment space, it offers opportunities for the practice of drama and improvisational techniques, bodywork as well as methods of aestheticization and alienation and concludes with a performance of the jointly developed play. Acting experiences are not a prerequisite for participation in the project.

The project starts in February 2018 and comprises a total of 17 weekly evening rehearsals and 4 Sunday rehearsals.