The Expert Forum 2018

Streitraum Antisemitism: Developments, Debates, Interventions in an International Context

Antisemitism in Germany and Europe is not a new phenomenon. Nevertheless, a troubling trend has been observed in recent years. The hitherto less visible forms of antisemitism are increasingly overlaid by the obvious hatred and willingness to verbal and physical violence against Jews. ´Nowadays both the so-called blame deflecting and perpetrator-victim reversal as well as the "Israelkritik” (Criticism of Israel), which has been heightened to fundamental anti-Jewish sentiment, are evident in almost all social groups. Not only targeted surveys but also frequent derailments and incidents - in schools, on the Internet, during demonstrations - testify to this development. There is a striking contradiction between the perspective of the non-Jewish majority, which overlooks antisemitism, and Jews, who experience antisemitism in everyday life.

The task of all social institutions must be to critically analyze current antisemitic dispositions, to develop successful educational concepts and to ensure their sustainable implementation. The political and media attention of recent months is an important prerequisite for a 'new' conversation about antisemitism.
Nevertheless, we need to be able to communicate about it without turning to discursive self-assurance or political instrumentalization. An antisemitism-critical (political) intervention can create a common "we" through factual and inclusive debates and work towards inter-group social alliances. This socio-political balancing act requires a high degree of sensitivity, communication skills and social responsibility in the context of increasing polarization.

This year's symposium discusses selected political and pedagogical interventions and gives the floor to the experts from Germany, France and Poland.

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