The Expert Forum 2017

Antisemitism at school - a permanent condition? Action perspectives and empowerment for the affected

What are the challenges faced by teachers and specialists in regard to antisemitism? What can help them recognize current tendencies and prevent antisemitic incidents in the long term? What concepts of intervention and prevention are needed to protect those potentially or currently affected at school?

The frequency and intensity of antisemitic incidents at schools is reaching a new level throughout Germany. The results of the survey commissioned by the Second Independent Expert Group on Antisemitism illuminate the situation from the perspective of those affected. In particular, the school is an institution that is perceived as “unsafe” by the majority of the respondents, as a place where the confrontation with antisemitism is nearly normalized. There is therefore a tremendous need for professional support, qualified training and supervision opportunities for teachers and other pedagogically responsible parties.

This year’s expert symposium presents selected prevention and empowerment concepts to be discussed by both experts and affected persons.