Study Seminar #Zusammendenken

Shoah Education and dealing with current antisemitism

Following a general strengthening of antisemitism, the confrontation with National Socialism and Shoah has further increased in complexity. This concerns the consideration of the historical dimension of antisemitism as well as the recognition of its current forms of expression, which are currently becoming increasingly violent, especially in schools. The challenges faced by public school teachers range from the creation of a setting that does not exclude Jewish children in the classroom, including their family ties to the Shoah but takes them into consideration, through appropriate contextualization of persecution and genocide, to addressing antisemitism as deeply rooted resentment. Jewish perspectives on antisemitism, especially the experiences and expertise of Jewish teachers and professionals, are an indispensable but seldom used resource in the joint generation of options for action. The question of how to teach Shoah and antisemitism to Jewish educational institutions in view of the changing needs in view of strengthening antisemitism. The training offers a protected dialogue space on the changed conditions of the Shoah Education as well as current challenges of antisemitism prevention.

The practice of multi-perspective approaches to history and present as well as selected approaches to empowerment education are also in the focus of the seminar. The specific prerequisites for teaching the Shoah at Jewish schools also form a central part of the training.

The project is being implemented in cooperation between the Competence Center for Prevention and Empowerment (ZWST), the Central Council of Jews in Germany and the International School for Holocaust Studies Yad Vashem.

The study seminar is aimed at Jewish teachers in public schools, all teachers at Jewish schools / educational institutions as well as educational specialists in extracurricular Jewish education in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.