Shoah Education at School

Round-table Discussions for Jewish Families

The first encounter with the Shoah does not take place within an idealistic framework for developmental psychology (Mkayton, 2011). In Germany in particular, this circumstance can be linked to far-reaching consequences for children with Jewish family biographies. Unless the first confrontation has already taken place due to the ubiquity of the Nazi past, the Shoah is often discussed as part of physical education in elementary school. The chosen pedagogical approaches differ greatly in their quality and rarely take into account the specific interconnectedness of children from Jewish families. There are several challenges for parents at the same time. On the one hand, there is a desire to protect children from emotional overload for as long as possible, on the other hand, the concern that a coincidental or pedagogically unsuitable form of the first confrontation could just cause this development.

Our dialogue group "Shoah Education in School" therefore advocates self-determined access to the topic and offers space for exchange and the practice of intervention possibilities.

Participation in the event is also open to parents who were unable to attend the first interviews. The dialogue groups are currently taking place in Berlin and Hanover, with other groups being set up nationwide.