Project Coaching

#Young Adults

Original project ideas often occur as a response to the existing sphere of social and personal experiences. Therefore the awareness of one's own project motivation as well as willingness to get socially involved are crucial for the realization of the projects.

How do project ideas occur in the first place: why and for whom? What personal impulses drive us towards project-centred thought-process? How do we adapt these thoughts to projects? What steps need to be taken and what are the crucial requirements for the successful realization of a project?

The Project Coaching #Young Adults provided a platform for the joint generation of ideas, road-mapping and implementation.

The Project Coaching #Young Adults took place in cooperation with
the Anne Frank Centre and targeted young Jewish people (aged 18-21) willing to develop and realize original ideas. The project promoted and encouraged multilateral exchange on the topics of identity and social action. One of the primary goals of the project was to communicate skills and knowledge in project management.


The project consisted of three modules:

First module provided a platform for a bio-based approach and market analysis in terms of finding ideas and realising original projects.

Second Module​ was a cooperation with the Anne Frank Centre (Berlin): a training on "Original Project Development - From an Idea to Financing"

Third Module aimed to evaluate the results, direct and support the planning process, as well as to ensure implementation. This module was supposed to bridge the gap between a concept and its realisation.