Other Measures

further formats and events

Diversity management: Conflict management and counselling training
The seminar was organized in cooperation with the Rabbiner Seminar (Berlin) and took place in Berlin on 10.01.2016. It targeted participants of the Eshet-Chayil Programme. The seminar was a training in conflict management and counselling competence for the communication and cooperation of German Jewish Communities.

Dialogue and intervision group (Final module)
The goal of the peer consulting (intervision) group was to integrate a bio approach, self-experience and professional exchange in order to encourage a deeper understanding of and interest in familiar as well collective memory, and also to facilitate intergenerational dialogue and relations. A further aim of this space for reflection was to help recognize the importance of transgenerational influences and impressions for the formation of one’s identity. The core questions for the intervision group were:
How was the history of National Socialism (Nazism) addressed and reappraised in my family? What messages and remits accompanied the discussion? What traces of my family stories and memories of Nazism could be reconstructed from my self-perception? To what extent were those traces passed on to my professional life, how are they expressed in my daily work?
The seminar took place in Berlin on 12.02.2016.

Cooperation with the DRA (German-Russian Exchange)
In cooperation with the German-Russian Exchange (DRA) , a series of workshops, excursions and discussions took place 27.11.2016 - 4.12.2016 in Berlin. As a part of the DRA project “Changing perspective – Cultures of remembrance in Germany and Russia, with the focus on the Second World War, as seen from the examples of Berlin and Volgograd” the programme was oriented toward professionals and multipliers from Russia. The Competence Centre organized the following three activities: the workshop “History in Memory”, the professional exchange forum “My-Your-Our History”, and a panel discussion about history teaching and political education in Germany (in cooperation with the Anne-Frank Centre and the House of the Wannsee Conference).