Jew as an insult!

Experiences of antisemitism in the formal education sector

What experiences do Jewish children and young people make in the formal education sector (schools, kindergartens, youth centres)? How confident do they feel, and what are the questions and needs of their parents in dealing with antisemitism? What necessities and options for action in civil society, education and politics are associated with this field?

Jew as an insult” (“Jude als Schimpfwort”) is a qualitative survey of Jewish families on their experiences with antisemitism. The study will be carried out by the ZWST Competence Centre for Prevention and Empowerment with the support of JDC Europe. The survey starts in March 2018 and ends in November 2018, with young people and families in different regions of Germany being surveyed. A scientific board accompanies and advises the implementation of the study.

Its background is the increasing antisemitism at schools and the growing number of complaints by Jewish families in dealing with authorities. According to reports, the frequency and intensity of antisemitic incidents at German schools is reaching a new level nationwide. The results of the survey conducted by the second Independent Expert Group on Antisemitism of the German Bundestag provide an initial insight into the situation of those affected. The school especially is an institution perceived by the majority of respondents as “unsafe”, as a place where the confrontation with antisemitism is nearly normalized. More and more often, verbal aggression is accompanied by overt violence, injuring the psychological and physical integrity of those affected.

The survey of Jewish families focuses on the perceptions and perspectives of the affected individuals. Its main goals are to analyse the needs and strategies in dealing with antisemitism, as well as to generate recommendations for prevention, intervention and counselling.