Conversation with Jewish parents and families

“Is Jew a swearword?” Jewish experiences in schools of Berlin

The fact that children and teenagers encounter everyday antisemitism at school has been apparent long before the recent incident in a school in Berlin. Confrontation with the case from Friedenau that compared to others enjoyed overwhelming media attention, is actually a book example of frequent phenomena usually associated with antisemitism, such as belittling, role reversal between victim and perpetrator and Israel-based antisemitism, for the affected families constantly face incomprehension and incompetence of educators.

Conversation with Jewish parents and families braught the affected perspective to the fore and opened the floor for sharing experience. What do Jewish children and teenagers experience in schools of Berlin? How secure do parents feel and what questions do parents have in relation to antisemitism at school? What possible actions could be and should be taken by schools, civic society and political actors?

In the provided safe space we tried to find the answers to these and other questions. The discussion took place in Berlin on 03.05.2017.

This project was an initiative of and made possible by Marina Chernivsky (head of the ZWST Competence Centre), Sergey Lagodinsky (representative of the Jewish Community of Berlin), Anja Olejnik (JDC) and Marguerite Marcus (psychotherapist).