Fields of Action

Target Groups and Areas of Work

The centre’s approach is systemic: it combines community coaching with qualification measures for experts and professionals. In addition, Competence Centre reaches out to young people, offering them a wide range of training and educational opportunities.

Community Coaching
The primary goal of the new Competence Centre is the strengthening of the Jewish community in its handling of antisemitism and discrimination. Qualification programmes for teenagers and young adults, as well as the implementation of innovative empowerment formats for Jewish institutions are the priority areas for action.
Expert Forum
The Expert Forum aims to stimulate theoretical reflections, to provoke impulses for action and to bundle perspectives. The activities involved - panel discussions, educational programmes, conferences and publications - provide a new platform for scholarly dialogue, (international) experience exchange and networking in the fields of empowerment and antisemitism prevention.
Awareness Programmes
Another field of action is the conception and implementation of Awareness Programmes for the purpose of sensitizing and training multipliers and those involved in antisemitism prevention. The target group includes specialists in political education, social and media-related spheres are also addressed, advised and trained.
A rising number of cases of antisemitic violence along with the lack of appropriate counselling and support services for people with Jewish biographies form the background of the Competence Centre’s new project, which is being implemented originally in Berlin. The spheres of interest include free individual counselling for people who have experienced antisemitism and antisemitic violence, as well as further training and supervision services for other counselling centres and organizations dealing with antisemitism.