The Expert Forum 2017

Antisemitism at school - a permanent condition? Action perspectives and empowerment for the affected

Antisemitic incidents at German schools are reaching new heights in terms of their frequency and intensity throughout Germany. The results of the survey conducted by the Second Independent Experts Group on Antisemitism (published in April 2017) give an overview of the situation of those affected. School as an institution in particular, which the majority of the respondents perceive as "unsafe", is a place where the confrontation with antisemitism is almost normalized. This tendency is also confirmed by the recently published results of the survey carried out by American Jewish Committee (AJC) in which 27 teachers from Berlin schools were interviewed to assess their current situation. According to it, the word "Jew" is one of the most widespread swearwords and spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories is a serious problem. There is therefore a tremendous need for professional support for the teachers, as well as the need for qualified training and supervision of the educators and people working in pedagogy. This is reflected in the recently published report on antisemitism, which calls for a fundamental expansion and continuation of antisemitism prevention in the field of adult education.

What are the challenges faced by teachers and professionals with regard to antisemitism? What do they need to recognize current tendencies and to prevent antisemitic incidents in the long term? What concepts of intervention and prevention are needed to ensure both prevention and the protection of those affected at school? This year's forum will present selected prevention and empowerment concepts for discussion and will enable experts and stakeholders to speak out.