We introduce ourselves.

Marina Chernivsky
head of the ZWST Competence Centre

studied psychology, behavioural sciences and behavioural therapy in Israel and Berlin. Since 2007 she has been in charge of the model project „Perspektivwechsel Plus“ („Change of Perspective Plus“) and since 2015 she is the head of the „Competence Centre for Prevention and Empowerment“ (ZWST). She is one of the board members of the Deutsche Soccer Liga e.V. („German Soccer League“) and part of an independent group of experts on antisemitism at the Federal Parliament.

Romina Wiegemann
educational referent

B.A. in Political Science with a specialization in Intercultural Communication (IDC Herzliya, Israel). M.A. in Social Management from the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Perennial professional experience in the NGO sector and welfare associations in Germany and Israel, as well as in the organization of seminars aimed at further academic education. At the moment she is studying for a Master's degree in „Holocaust Communication and Tolerance“ at Touro College, Berlin. Since 2016 has been working for ZWST „Competence Centre and Empowerment“.

René André Dittrich-Bernuth

Public administration graduate with vast experience in violence prevention in sport. Vice-President of the German Soccer League e.V. Has worked for ZWST since 2006, in charge of administration and coordination of „Perspektivwechsel Plus“. Since 2015 has coordinated public relations for Competence Centre.

Viktorija Kopmane
seminar organisation

B.A. in philosophy and musicology from the Friedrich Wilhelm's University of Bonn. Vast experience in organization and realization of seminars in civic and political education of young adults. Has worked for Competence Centre for Prevention and Empowerment since 2015.

Margarita Khusainova
assistance and event management

studies Philosophy and Political Science at Free University of Berlin. Vast experience in international human rights projects, in children and youth work with the focus on racism, Hate Crime and Hate Speech. Since 2017 has been working for ZWST „Competence Centre for Prevention and Empowerment“.

Giula Furema

Trained accountant, perennial experience in administration and accounting at, inter alia, iMER Germany Ltd. Has worked for ZWST „Competence Centre for Prevention and Empowerment“ since 2015.

Anastassia Pletoukhina
independent educational referent

Social (education) worker. Has held a doctoral fellowship from ELES since 2015 and is currently writing her PhD thesis in sociology on „Networks of organizations working with Jewish young adults in Germany“. Since 2006 she has been working as an educational assistant for various Jewish educational projects such as Limmud, Nevatim, Makkabi Games 2015 and others. Since 2016 she has worked for ZWST „Competence Centre for Prevention and Empowerment“.

Janna Keberlein
independent educational referent
studied History of Eastern Europe as well as Media and Cultural Studies. Vast experience in international youth work. Since 2010 has worked as an independent educational referent for the model project „Perspektivwechsel Plus“ („Change of Perspective Plus“), ZWST and since 2015 - for Competence Centre for Prevention and Empowerment. Spheres of interest and expertise: networking, international youth work, cultures of remembrance, anti-discrimination work, Anti-Bias approach.