Shoah Education at School

Round-table for Jewish Families

At some point all Jewish parents inevitably feel obliged to confront the questions of how and when to talk to their children about the history of the Shoah. This is especially relevant for Germany, where first Shoah discussions often take place already at primary school. The way these discussions are navigated, however, rarely proves multi-perspective, nor do they bear in mind familial entanglements of the Jewish students. Quite often the topic is introduced rather randomly somewhat incidentally, which later results in the lack of appropriate preparation and follow-up work. That affects children from Jewish families in particular. Their parents are then often forced to react spontaneously. That is why it is especially important to ensure that children from Jewish families have an approach to the topic that considers their perspective and prepares them accordingly.
What kind of assistance do Jewish families need to make sure that their children’s first contact with the history of the Shoah meets their needs? What should self-determined and self-paced approach include? What are the options for the parents willing to distance themselves from the mainstream discourse on National Socialism and the Shoah also predominant in the classroom? These and other questions will be subject to discussion.

The event was organized in cooperation with the House of the Wannsee Conferece and JDC.

The discussion took place in Berlin (Mitte) and was held in German.