Shoah Education at School

Round-table Discussions for Jewish Families

At some point all Jewish parents inevitably feel obliged to confront the questions of how and when to talk to their children about the history of the Shoah. This is especially relevant for Germany, where first Shoah discussions often take place already at primary school. The way these discussions are navigated, however, rarely proves multi-perspective, nor do they bear in mind familial entanglements of the Jewish students. Quite often the topic is introduced rather randomly somewhat incidentally, which later results in the lack of appropriate preparation and follow-up work.
After the exchange about the needs of the jewish families in relation to the aforementioned challenges that took place during the discussion with parents on June, 20th and August, 16th, we proceed to have a closer look at school curricular as well as at the specific examples of Shoah Education. As we aim to understand when and in which form the topics of national socialism and the Shoah are introduced in the classroom.
In the subsequent reflection we want to provide space for a deeper discussion on possible ways for jewish parents to obtain self-determination and
exert influence when communicating with or confronting school authorities; as well as on necessary support, supervision and guidance.



The participation in the discussion is also possible for the parents who could not take part in the previous round-table.